How can I access my email?

I changed to Outlook Express. Now I cannot find my login email. Where is it and how can I access it? Right hand side click – Go to my mail

How do I get an e-mail account?

How can I access my email?

I got AT&T/Yahoo! DSL over the summer, but never got the chance to set up an e-mail account. I want one now. I don’t mean sub-account, this would be primary since it’s my first. The SBCglobal site doesn’t have tips on how to make a primary one, so does anyone know how I get the email? Thanks!If you go to and login you should see in the upper right corner a link button to MY ACCOUNT that will take you to your main AT&T service account site. It might ask again for your password so go ahead and type it in.1. once you are in select the edit personal info
2. Again it will probably ask for another password. Go head and type it in.
3. You should see your personal page listing any information that you have listed there.
4. On the right side you will see the options for editing and creating profiles. Go ahead and slect that option to get into that option.
5. in this screen this is where you configure to set any email you want as your default email. So if you make a sub account you can place that sub account as your active default email account. In this case you can make your SBCGLOBAL.NET email your default email.You better call SBC for that so that they can also check the status of your email address if either it is still active or inactive/suspended.
They will find solutions for that. Go to and look for the contact number of SBC tech support.

How can I get e-mail from on other computers when I am away from my home computer-web address?

I can check but can not get into tries to put in Prodigy and that is not what I have-mine is simply: (dial up with land line).I never have any problems logging in with my email address at … you must not know what you’re doing. Are you typing in the whole thing? ie:

How do I get to my sbcglobal.netemail from this computer which is not my computer that I normally use at home?

Would like to know how to get to my email from this computer which is not my regularly used home computer

Go to and check your email through them. Put in your login and password as you would at home and check your e-mail.

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