How to unlock a BlackBerry Torch from AT&T

you are looking how to unlock (Sim unlock) your blackberry torch, this guide will tell you you need and how. Normally when we unlock a phone (GSM) or just insert a sim chip from another company and the phone asks for an unlock code, but with blackberries is a bit different because we have to do a few steps and do not need a sim other company.

To unlock the blackberry torch have to follow the steps that I leave then.

  1. Getting the unlock code. whether to call the service provider in this case AT & T or buying in-line code.
  2. Since the code we proceeded to step 3.
  3. From the main screen go to Options.
  4. Then a device and then after this system to advanced settings.
  5. As we proceeded to advanced settings Sim Card then write the following letters MEPD.
  6. Since I wrote the letters MEPD will see a menu where the option is enabled if Network says disabled means that the phone is unlocked and you need not unlock.

7. After step 6 MEP2 wrote the following letters (to write the two bra down the ALT key) you will see that I will have a window which asks for the unlock code. You write the code and if successful will tell you accepted code.