Standard Instructions for prepaid data with AT&T in the U.S.

This Guide Is under the assumption that you have an iPhone:

In an AT & T store and buy a GoPhone card (which also have micro-SIMs) (expires after 90 days) with $ 25 credit. Not take the $ 100.

Book 100 MB feature package and the balance on the card charge (would I turn off auto-renewal, where you could go around the problem described below).

With the iPhone via WiFi go to ¬†surfing and custom APN for carrier “U.S. – AT & T” to create a profile and in the following dialog install (or configure manually: APN “wap.cingular” Username “WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM “Password” CINGULAR1 “- Not for the sniper trick described by use if the APN menu is no longer there).

Start iPhone from scratch is needed (when Airplane Mode on and off is not enough).

The remaining balance is sufficient to call now no longer enough to say, depending on how many text messages and calls you need, you should have a couple of dollars (eg, $ 15 or $ 25) charge.

Credit cards ($ 15, $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100), there is for example in any CVS (charge by U.S. credit card goes, but that has not even any). Credit expires after 30 days. Charge of $ 25 and more extended to 90 days. Charge of $ 100 and more extended to 365 days. Deterioration of the credit means may also decline in number. Another $ 100 and then less is enough for valid for one year from charging the $ 100, but please heed the warning below.

Warning:You get every transaction a Flash SMS – that always happens when you send an SMS or receives (yes, it costs $ 0.20), or begins or ends a call. If, however, the 100 MB are used up by the data packet, then $ 0.10 per kB fall (!) That is used to everything on the credit card. Then comes a message that the 100 MB are “now” used up and “from now on” $ 0.10/kB due, of course, are what’s bullshit.

You’ve Been claim with the support and rejected on the grounds that the notification would be sent as soon as a transaction is completed – and in that case, is the transaction ends when the data connection is cut, what is the network itself implemented as soon as the credit goes out.

Of course, the technical shortcomings of AT & T’s network does not have the customer’s problem, and of course, it is ridiculous that AT & T is unable to send a notification (but switch the settlement that they create), and of course the notification that the 100 MB “now” are consumed, lying smooth and misleading. I have also explained to the support, and there have been avoided, to say yes and no. Also the support on Twitter I had a long discussion on the subject. Use it has nothing, my $ 48 was gone (have so verballert in four days SXSW $ 160, most of it for data and GroupMe SMS reception – there are feature packages for SMS and so on, for those who need it).

Therefore, so do not charge $ 100, because it is usually fast accidentally release. With * 777 * 3 #, you can check the data usage at any time, but that’s not always practical. After all: the support came only “iPhone GoPhone is not compatible” as stupid excuse, “banned” from nothing or something.